Brian R. Collini
Brian R. Collini | Broker of Record/Owner | Collini Real Estate, LLC 258 N. Main Road, Suite C Vineland, NJ 08360 856-692-9933  |  856-305-2346

Our Team

Brian R. Collini - Owner/Broker of Record

Jane Jannarone - Broker/Manager

Kiley Ansbro - Salesperson

Lincoln Armington- Salesperson

Michael Bertoia - Salesperson

Andrea Bertonazzi - Salesperson

Crystal Bolton - Salesperson

Kristy M. Bontcue - Salesperson

Sylvia Brown - Salesperson

Philip R. Brunozzi, Sr. - Salesperson

Jessica Campbell - Referral Agent

Carman Charles - Salesperson

Misael Candelario - Salesperson

Andrea Chait - Salesperson

Catherine Collini - Salesperson

Judith Cortes - Salesperson

Dominic Cristelli-Salesperson

Peter Darrigo - Salesperson

Robert Dintino - Salesperson

Terrienna Dreyer - Salesperson

Dale Elbeuf - Salesperson

Tammy M. Garcia - Salesperson

Lynne Giglio - Salesperson

Pako Gomez - Salesperson

Paula Gruccio - Salesperson

Wendy Happle - Salesperson

Jason Harden - Salesperson

Lisa Iapalucci - Salesperson

Leslie Jeffers - Salesperson

Anita Jenkins - Salesperson

Robert Johnson - Salesperson

Jason Judice - Salesperson

Zachary Keller - Salesperson

Felipe Laboy - Salesperson

Jason Lera - Salesperson

Andres Lopez - Salesperson

Efrain Lopez- Salesperson

Christine Luscko - Salesperson

Sonia Martinez - Salesperson

Pauline McCartney - Salesperson

Ariana McTamney- Salesperson

Daiana McTamney - Salesperson

Chris Meyrick- Salesperson

Maryam Nassiri - Salesperson

Reina Ortega - Salesperson

April Pang- Salesperson

Jonathan Pang- Salesperson

Jose Perez-Cruz- Salesperson

Christine Peterson-Salesperson

Lia Rone - Salesperson

Elaina Rodriguez - Salesperson

Stacy Schnell - Salesperson

Justin Selby - Salesperson

Sue Sosik - Salesperson

John Stadler - Salesperson

Ryan Taylor- Salesperson

Erin Vertolli - Salesperson

Adavilda Vivez - Salesperson

Anthony Wilson - Salesperson

Dorothy Willson - Salesperson

Lori Zerra - Salesperson/Office Administrator

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